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00 New Products
01 WLAN,WiFi Antennas
02 WiMAX,Wireless Access Antennas
03 Indoor Coverage Antennas, Broadband Antennas
04 Base Station Antennas (GSM, CDMA, 3G)
05 Repeater Antennas
06 VHF/UHF Antennas
07 Terminal antennas
08 RFID Antennas
09 Mobile Antennas
10 Hf Antennas,Ultra Wideband Antenna and GPS Antennas
11 LTE/4G Antennas
12 Other Special Antennas
13 Passive Components
14 MIMO Antennas


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00 New Products

Pic Name Model Fred.(MHz) BW Gain(dBi) Pol Size(mm)
500W Omni Fiberglass Antenna 500W Omni ... 1892-400Q9-M 400-475 E:13 9±1 Ver. Ф70×3205
Indoor Ceiling Mount Omni Antenna Indoor Ceiling&... 1891-0740XTLA-M 698~960/ 1710~2700/3300~4000 V:85/V:50/V:35 3±1/4±1/5±1 Linear,Horizontal Φ180×8
Indoor MIMO Ceiling Omni Antenna Indoor MIMO&nbs... 1890-D0740XTLA-M 698-960/1710-2700/3300-4000 V:85/V:50/V:35 2×3±1/2×4±1/2×5±1 Linear,Horizontal Φ250 x 8
Indoor MIMO Ceiling Omni Antenna Indoor MIMO&nbs... 1889-D0740XDZ-M 698-960/1710-2700/3300-4000 V:90/V:60/V:40 2×4±1/2×5±1/2×5±1 Vertical Φ207 x 56
Indoor MIMO Ceiling Omni Antenna Indoor MIMO&nbs... 1888-0740XDY-M 698-960/1710-2700/3300-4000 V:90/V:60/V:40 4±1/5±1/5±1 Vertical Φ207 x 56
Indoor MIMO Ceiling Omni Antenna Indoor MIMO&nbs... 1887-0740XDY-M 698-960/1710-2700/3300-4000 V:85/V:55/V:45 2±1/2±1/3±1 Vertical φ174×130
40MHz Bandwidth VHF antenna 40MHz Bandwidth... 1886-150A3F25 134-174 66 3.2 Ver. ф28x1410
500W UHF Fiberglass Omni Antenna 500W UHF F... 1885-350U8-M 350-375/372-400 E:16 8 Ver. Φ70×3205
500W UHF Fiberglass Omni Antenna 500W UHF F... 1884-350U8-M 350-375/372-400 E:16 8 Ver. Φ70×3205
UHF Fiberglass Omni Antenna UHF Fiberglass&... 1883-400U9 400-425/406-430/425-450/450-470 E:16 8 Ver. Φ70×3205
UHF Fiberglass Omni Antenna UHF Fiberglass&... 1882-400U9-M 400-425/406-430/425-450/450-470 E:13 9 Ver. Φ70×3205
UHF Fiberglass Omni Antenna UHF Fiberglass&... 1881-600G5F40-A 585-695 E:35 5 Ver. φ43.5(MAX)×1070
Dual-band Omni Antenna Dual-band Omni&... 1880—2458B 2400~2500/5150~5875 E:30±8/20±5 3.5±1/6.5±1 Ver. Φ23×203
150MHz Omni-Directional Fiberglass Antenna 150MHz Omni-Dir... 1880-150M-H 134-173 E:14.5 8.5 Ver. 4700
150MHz Fiberglass Omni Antenna 150MHz Fibergla... 1879-150N-H 134-173 E:25 6.5 Ver. 3250
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