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03 Indoor Coverage Antennas, Broadband Antennas

Pic Name Model Fred.(MHz) BW Gain(dBi) Pol Size(mm)
0825DSA Directional Antenna 0825DSA Directi... AJ03-03-002
0825DSF Broadband Directional Antenna 0825DSF Broadba... AJ03-03-001
0825BKM Indoor Wall Mounting Antenna 0825BKM Indoor&... AJ03-02-008
1900BKD-CP 1900MHz PHS Indoor Hanging Antenna with Circular Polarization 1900BKD-CP 1900... AJ03-02-007
1900BKF 1900MHz PHS Indoor Hanging Antenna 1900BKF 1900MHz... AJ03-02-006
900/1800BKB Wall Mount Antenna 900/1800BKB Wal... AJ03-02-005
900/1800BKB-D Wall Mount Antenna 900/1800BKB-D W... AJ03-02-004
900/1800BKB-W Wall Mount Antenna 900/1800BKB-W W... AJ03-02-003
900/1800BKC Wall Mount Antenna 900/1800BKC Wal... AJ03-02-002
900/1800BKD Wall Mount Antenna 900/1800BKD Wal... AJ03-02-001
0825XTFS Omni Ceiling Antenna 0825XTFS Omni&n... AJ03-01-006
0825XTS1 Indoor Antenna 0825XTS1 Indoor... AJ03-01-005
0825XTY1 Indoor Antenna 0825XTY1 Indoor... AJ03-01-004
900/1800XTF Indoor Antenna 900/1800XTF Ind... AJ03-01-003
0825XTQ1 Indoor Antenna 0825XTQ1 Indoor... AJ03-01-002
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